All major works birthed and burned by Keats Ross in 2022, with a smirking coy-cackle of new births crowning in 2023.
Disolver Eco Resonar Division II ∴ The Sceptre ∴ Conjuration of The Aspectre
∴ Sine Wave Serpents III ∴ The Echoed Ma'ii-Being ∴ The Dissolved ThreeSeen (∴)
October/November Hauntomancy Aggregate of Haunted Multi-Media Hoots & Hollers.
Sine Wave Serpents Division II ∴ The Dimming Room Ritual ∴ A Ghost Is Born
The Fifth Ghost ∴ The Five Year Eclipse ∴ The Dim
”The Poisoned Pharmakeus”
This is HAUNT ∴ MANUAL, a Multi-Media Grimoire conjured by Revelator Keats Ross ∴ Haunt On. ∴
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